Lampe Berger Basic Burner
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Founded in 1898 in Paris, Lampe Berger is a parfumerie that purifies the air while adding fragrance to the room. A high-quality product that will combat stale cigar smoke.

Thanks to its exclusive burner AIR PUR System 3C®, the Lampe Berger Basic Burner cleanses and fragrances indoor air like no other system does. AIR PUR SYSTEM 3C® optimises the diffusion of the Lampe Berger fragrances and strengthens the elimination of unpleasant tobacco, cooking or pet smells. The elimination of bad odours, the quality of the fragrance and the safety of use can only be guaranteed when the Lampe Berger AIR PUR SYSTEM 3C® is used in conjunction with Lampe Berger fragrances.

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  • Manufacturer: Lampe Berger Paris

Lampe Berger Basic Burner

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