Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters 2014
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Do we at CigarEarth.com have something special for you Tat fans! The Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters 2014 10-count box set.
We are offering this much-heralded Tatuaje package. Every October, in time for Halloween, Pete Johnson releases a one-time run of cigars known as the Tatuaje Monster. He chooses a different (and usually Hollywood-type) of monster as his inspiration for the cigar.

Pete Johnson has re-released the past years' Monsters but in a different format than the original, hence the Pudgy Monsters. The dimensions for these Monsters are the same length as the Little Monsters set from 2012 but the ring gauge of the regular Monsters. This sampler set is dressed in a black and red color scheme and the 10 count box has the following Monsters: Frank, Wolf, Face, Drac, Mummy and JV-13. Also included are 2 new blends: 2 Chucks and 2 Tiffs (based on Chucky and his bride Tiffany from the Child's Play movies) which measure 5 inches by 50 rg. Johnson is not disclosing the blend for these 2 new cigars.

A different assortment of blends and sizes comprise this collector's cigar set.

Purchase your Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters 2014 cigars from CigarEarth.com!

CigarEarth.com Price: $98.00 per box (or $9.80 per cigar!)

So purchase a few boxes as they will appreciate in value over time. Good luck!

  • Length: Assorted
  • Ring Gauge: Assorted
  • Strength: Assorted
  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Assorted
  • Binder: Assorted
  • Filler(s): Assorted
  • Taste Profile: Assorted
  • Box Count: 10
  • Item #: 1488
  • Manufacturer: Tatuaje

Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters 2014

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